Cleaning & Refinishing

If you walk on it or sit on it, we likely clean it!

Whether it’s wall-to-wall carpeting, wood flooring, ceramic tile and grout or VCT, our experts can make it look pristine! Your wood floors need sanding and polishing? Not a problem. The upholstery needs refreshing? We got you covered. The whole house needs dusting and cleaning? We do that too!

Our cleaning technicians use the latest equipment and quality chemicals to ensure that your floors and upholstery look and smell clean. They pay special attention to stains and spots and are trained to know the best solutions and techniques to clean the fabric or material they are working on. Our solutions are pet- and people-friendly. Regular, professional cleaning also helps remove dust, dirt and allergens for people who are sensitive to them.

Do you need more cleaning power than just your floors and upholstery?

Call on us to provide whole-house cleaning. In addition to your floors and upholstery, our team can clean all the rooms of your home. Our team will wipe down all flat surfaces, clean cobwebs and dust, polish furniture and clean lights and other fixtures throughout the home. Your house will look and smell amazing.

If wood flooring is your concern, our wood specialists can assess the condition of your wood flooring and recommend the best level of service for you. Wood floors that are just dirty can simply be cleaned and polished. If the surface coating is scratched but not deeply scored, we can screen the floor’s surface and re-coat it. But if the floor is heavily scratched, discolored or stained, sanding and refinishing is called for. If necessary, we can even remove and replace planks that are heavily damaged prior to sanding and refinishing the floor.