Oriental Rug Cleaning

With over 70 years of cleaning experience, Pristine Rugs has earned the trust of most of the tri-state’s Oriental Rug Dealers with their antique and precious rugs.

These experts know that our cleaning methods, fabric-safe cleaning chemicals, first rate equipment and very experienced staff are the best choice for the rugs they sell, and we think you’ll agree.

In addition to the basic deep-cleaning service, we offer several options:


For rugs that are heavily soiled or have pet odor, we offer full immersion soaking pools. Once immersed in the pool, chemicals loosen deeply ingrained dirt, soiling and odors.


Rugs can be treated with chemicals that release animal odors and make rugs smell fresh and clean.


For rugs damaged by moths, we can apply special chemicals that make a rug’s wool fibers unappealing to hungry moths. We can also repair the damaged portions of your rug (see Repairs & Restoration).


Applying carpet protector allows your rug’s fibers to resist dirt, keeping it looking cleaner for longer.

How does our cleaning process work?

The cleaning process starts with a careful inspection of your rug to determine the material it’s made of and any special cleaning needs it may have. Once that analysis is made the rug is put through a dusting machine to release dirt hidden deep in the nap of the rug.

Then it’s on to the pool. Rugs are immersed in water and detergent (and other chemicals, if necessary) and scrubbed thoroughly with powerful low impact scrubbers.

Following this, the rugs are pressure-sprayed with cold, fresh water then treated with fabric softener. Conveyors bring the rugs to the high pressure wringers which squeeze excess dirt and water from the rugs.

Finally our conveyor lifts the rugs into our thermostatically-controlled, heated dryroom where they stay until completely dry. Later they are wrapped in plastic and ready for delivery.

Click here to see the video of our process.