Repairs & Restoration

Our repair and restoration technicians are magicians with carpet. They have decades of experience and the repairs they can make to damaged and stained rugs will amaze you.

Our Repair and Restoration Group is divided into 3 departments:

  • Machine repairs
  • Handmade repairs
  • Shearing

The machine repair department has 3 main types of repairs: binding, serging, and refringing.

Binding is sewing a polyester or cotton band onto the edges of a rug by machine.

Serging is sewing tightly spaced thread on the edges of the rug. It’s a more elegant finish to the rug and is usually found on more expensive pieces.

Refringing involves sewing pre-fabricated pieces of fringe onto the rugs edge.


The handmade repair department specializes in repairing damage to expensive and antique rugs where the repair needs to be in keeping with the original quality of the rug. Their repairs include hand-binding, color restoration, stain removal, rug resizing, and reweaving.


The shearing department uses a German-made precision shearing machine to remove a tiny amount of the top edges of a rug’s fibers to remove the portion that has lost its color due to fading. This process revitalizes the colors of the carpet and restores its original brilliance.