About Us

Pristine was started in 1949 as Z. Mollayan Inc. when two brothers returning from WWII were looking to create a business of their own. They purchased a small carpet cleaning company from Zakar Mollayan. From that humble beginning the brothers expanded services. Along the way they purchased other companies and changed names to Manning Brothers. In the process they became one of the premier cleaning, repair and installation companies in the Tri-state area. The brothers are gone now but a new generation is rebranding the company as Pristine Rugs and Floors and is looking to take it into the future.

From the very beginning, and through all its iterations, one thing has remained unchanged: give the customer high quality service at a reasonable price. Our employees are craftsman that take pride in supplying our customers with best in class service. And we’ve been doing just that for over 70 years.

The heart and soul of any service business is the quality of their employees. Our employees have years of experience in the business and take pride in their work. We strive to give them the best tools, equipment and chemicals to perform their jobs so they can focus their energy on executing the project to the best of their abilities.

Cleaning area rugs is how we got our start and remains our core business. We clean around 20,000 area rugs a year in our 10,000 square foot plant in Bogota. We are constantly updating our machinery and equipment so we can stay at the forefront of cleaning technology and efficiency.

That said, we are always keeping an eye out for new services our customers want. In recent years we have added personnel and equipment to our repair and restoration departments to enhance our ability to service premium antique woven rugs. We’ve also developed new cleaning processes to handle difficult to clean viscose rugs as they have become more popular.

As our company continues to grow and expand we will stay vigilant to keep a laser focus on providing quality service at a reasonable price. We understand that quality never goes out of style.