Our Services

Area Rug Cleaning

Deodorizing – Removes odors and gives a fresh scent to your carpet.

Soaking – Full immersion of your carpet in a pool of water and detergent helps remove deep dirt and grime as well as foul odors.

Carpet Protector – Coats carpet fibers and helps them resist dirt and grime.

Moth Wash – Chemical wash that coats fibers with a film that is distasteful to moths.

Carpet Repair

Refringing by Machine – Machine-stitching of pre-fabricated pieces of fringe onto the rugs edge.

Binding by Machine – Machine-stitching of pre-fabricated pieces of polyester or cotton band onto the edges of a rug.

Serging by Machine – Machine-stitching tightly spaced thread on the edges of the rug. It’s a more elegant finish to the rug and is usually found on more expensive pieces.

Resizing – Cutting a handwoven or broadloom piece down to the size you need and then finishing the cut edges with binding or serging.


Reweaving – Removes fibers damaged by moths or mildew and weaves new fibers into the rug’s backing (sometimes including rebuilding the rug’s foundation).

Binding by Hand – Interweaving fibers by hand onto the edges of handwoven rugs to retain the original look and feel of the piece.

Handmade Fringes – Fabricating new cotton fringes to match existing fringe (or custom made to order). Fibers are sew into the rugs foundation to appear as if they came with the original rug.

Color Restoration – Applying chemicals to remove color bleeding or using special inks to return color to faded areas of the rug.

Carpet Shearing – Involves removing the top layers of a handwoven rug in order to remove faded fibers and restore the brilliance of the original color.

Stain Removal – Strategically applying chemicals and using extraction techniques to remove stains.

Location Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning – From multi floor apartment and office buildings to your home, we use state of the art equipment, quality detergents and highly experienced crews to produce amazing results.

Wood Floor Clean and Polish – Refreshes the look of wood floors that are in good shape but just need cleaning.

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning – Brings the shine back to floor tiles and removes dirt and grime from grout lines.

Upholstery Cleaning – Brings sofas and chairs back to life by removing the dirt and oils that build up from everyday use.

Whole House Cleaning

Moving to a New Home? Selling Your Old Home? Preparing for the Holidays? Spring Cleaning? Our whole house cleaning service is just what you need. Our crew can come in and clean your home from top to bottom.

Wet Carpet Water Extraction

Busted Pipe? Leaky Washer Machine? Torrential Rain Storm? Call us to remove excess water from carpet and replace water damaged padding. We’ll supply air movers to dry the room and then re-install your wall-to-wall carpet and clean it.

Wood Floor

Screen and Polish – This technique is for floors whose surface coating has been scuffed and scratched lightly. Screening removes just the polyurethane coating so a new smooth coating can be applied.
Sand and Refinish – This technique is for floors whose surface coating has been scratched more deeply. Sanding removes the scratches and blemishes. This allows for a new stain color to be applied along with smooth coating of polyurethane.
Wood Floor Repair – For areas where wood planks are split or cracked or where damage is too deep to be removed by sanding. Once the damaged planks are replaced with the same species of wood, the whole floor can be sanded, stained and coated and made to look like new.

Sales & Installation

Sales – We sell and install all types of flooring from all the major manufacturers. Whether its carpet, wood, Luxury Vinyl Tile or VCT we have it (just not ceramic flooring).

Free Estimates – Call us to receive a free estimate on what your project will entail and how much it will cost.

Shop at Home Service – Just give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll bring the samples right to your home. Lay the sample up against the furniture and see how it works with the wall color. It’s that simple.

Installation – Our installation crews are very experienced and able to size up the best way to install whatever type of flooring you’ve chosen. Our installations are guaranteed for 1 year. We are fully insured.

Final Inspection – Every project gets a final walk through inspection with our Project Manager to ensure we’ve addressed all your concerns. Excess materials and other waste are removed and disposed of.

Carpet Restretching – Carpeting can sometimes stretch over the years and develop ripples. Our technicians can use power stretcher tools to flatten the ripples and make your carpeting tight again.

Padding – While padding isn’t visible, it serves a vital function in the life and performance of your area rug or wall-to-wall carpet. Padding adds comfort by absorbing the impact of your footsteps while walking on the carpet. It also extends the life of your area rugs and carpeting, helps prevent movement in area rugs and protects the wood flooring that’s underneath your area rug. We offer several lines of quality padding that will suit your needs as well as your budget.

Non-Skid – thin, rubberized padding to keep runners/mats in place.

Dura-Hold – thick padding with a rubber bottom for use under area rugs on wood or ceramic floors.

1st Choice – plush padding for wall-to-wall carpeting or under area rugs with furniture on it.